Choosing Better Snacks

Are you a junk food junkie? Doctor Ray Nannis here. Today, I would like to teach my friends in Richardson who are hooked on junk food about making better choices that can help them to lose weight. See the bowl of fruit to your right? This is one of the healthiest snacks that you can [...]

What is Cancer?

I hate cancer, and I’m here to fight it diligently. Hi, I’m Doctor Ray Nannis, a practitioner of integrative medicine in Richardson, and today I would like to talk to you about the characteristics of cancer. Cancer is the formation and growth of abnormal cells with distorted DNA. When these cells begin to grow, they [...]

Conquering Lupus

Are you fighting Lupus? There is hope! Hi, I’m Doctor Ray Nannis, a practitioner of functional medicine from Richardson, and today’s blog is about this difficult, yet not impossible disease. Lupus occurs when the body’s immune system malfunctions in that instead of fighting off only bad bacteria, it seeks to destroy healthy tissues as well. [...]